B.Tech. Orientation Programme

Induction Program of B.Tech. 1st Year @ AITM, on 01st August to 21st August, 2018

  • Induction Program for B.Tech. Ist year students, as per the AICTE mandate and guidelines of AKTU, for the academic session 2018-19 is being held at Axis Institute of Technology, Kanpur, from 1 August-21 August, 2018.
  • The three weeks long induction program has been planned with special mandate to promote activities involving education to foster the culture of appreciating, nurturing, supporting, handholding ideas, character building, developing innovations, extend sense of responsibilities as an engineer, a citizen and human being.
  • The program has been designed as cheer up session to habituate the students with the skills and knowledge in the areas of studies, for understanding of society, human relationship and the proximity with nature.
  • The students participated in various events like Universal Human Values, Professional ethics, Zumba and Yoga, Creative arts, Proficiency modules, Literary events, Sports & Games, Soft skill sessions, Plays & skits, Inspirational & Motivational lectures by eminent people, visit to local areas, visit to labs, familiarization to core departments, functional areas, utility centres. The structured class room sessions will be used to rectify deficiencies in basic sciences, including English, soft skills and computer proficiency.
  • The Induction Program is designed as Cheer up session to make the newly joined students feel comfortable and help them to adjust in their new environment and inculcate the ethos of the institution, sensitize them towards exploring their academics interests and activities, making them work for excellence, promote bonding with self, peer mates, faculties, supporting staff, senior fellows, society and nature, give a broader view of life and building character.

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