Labs & Workshops

To put theory into practice, labs and workshops have been provided with. These labs and workshops are furnished with latest and modern equipment and are supervised by competent staff.


Workshops & Labs

    Machine Shop

    Fitting Shop

    Welding Shop

    Carpentry Shop

    Sheet Metal Shop

    Black Smithy

    Foundry Shop



    Engineering Mechanics Lab

    Engineering Graphics Lab

    Computer Programming Lab

    Fluid Mechanics Lab

    Building Material Lab

    Survey Lab

    Building Planning & Drawing Lab

    Electronics Engineering Lab

    Digital Electronics Lab

    PCB & Electronics Workshop

    Logic Design Lab

    Data Structure Lab

    Numerical Techniques Lab

    OOPS lab

    Material Science  & Testing Lab

    Machine Drawing Lab

    Thermodynamics Lab

    Structure Analysis Lab

    Geo informatics Lab

    Hydraulics & Machines Lab

    Measurement Lab

    Microprocessor Lab

    Database Management System Lab

    Computer Organization Lab

    Manufacturing Science Lab

    Measurement & Metrology Lab

    Electrical Machine & Automatic Control Lab

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