Inauguration of Texas Instrument Lab & Faculty Development Program

"Knowledge has a beginning, but no end. So elevate your knowledge and experience something amazing @Axis".

Our Chief Patron Mr. Raj Kushwaha Chairman of Axis Colleges, inaugurated the Texas Instruments COE Lab in the presence of august gathering.

Ms. Manjit Saini and Mr. Arjav Raval is welcomed by the fraternity of Axis Colleges.

In the commencement of event, Director Campus Dr. Rubby Chawla and Academic Chairperson Dr. Shubha Jain addressed the participants who came from different regions.

Director Admin Mr R.K. Sharma also appreciated the efforts of the EC and EE departments. The FDP is designed to cater to the needs of both industry and academia in understanding, designing and analyzing data, for academic and industry research.

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