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The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the finest departments of this Institution. The department has staff members who work with packed devotion and enthusiasm. The department keeps pace with the ever varying challenges of modern day industry and is firm in its commitment to produce erudite and conscientious Mechanical Diploma Engineers.

The course aims at providing the fecund brains with the rudimentary knowledge in Mechanical Engineering. Instructions are imparted in the Areas of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Design of Mechanical Components and Machines, Techniques of Management, Computer Science, CAD/CAM. Design and Fabrication projects are also undertaken as a part of curriculum.


Infrastructure of the Department

THERMODYNAMICS LAB: This Lab has all essential equipments and models to impart practical training of concepts, Principles and applications of basic thermodynamics, steam generators, steam turbine and other Power Plan equipments, non conventional energy sources and about I.C. Engines.


APPLIED MECHANICS LAB.: In this lab, we have all apparatus which shows practical application of basic concepts of mechanics like laws of forces, friction and simple machines etc.


STRENGTH OF MATERIAL LAB: In this lab behavior of the specimens of diff. materials can be tested on the application of load. Generally following machines are used for conducting the experiments in this lab:

1. Universal Testing Machine. 2. Rock-well hardness testing machine. 3. Impact testing machines.

All the practical of Diploma and Degree Stream as per the curriculum can be performed in this Lab


REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING LAB: Equipped with Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Testing RIG to perform various experiments.


AUTO ENGG. LAB: Houses models and prototypes all type of vehicles to study their functioning & construction.


CAD LAB: Computer Aided Design Lab is newly established lab in the institution under MOBROBS Scheme. In this lab one Server and twelve number of computers, one scanner, one plotter has been provided to the students for training of Computer Aided Drawing.

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