Mechanical Engineering

AITM - 719   Axis Institute of Technology & Management

About Course

Mechanical Engineering includes design, manufacture, installation and operation of engines, machines, robotics, heating & cooling systems and manufacturing processes.

In this profession, you will be responsible for designing and developing machines right from bicycles to supersonic fighter jets and toasters which can be extremely challenging and fulfilling, requiring analytical skills together with an ability to work in a team. You must love machines and be comfortable working with tools!

Graduates can work in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, communication, paper, power generation and almost all manufacturing industries. Mechanical engineers also work in maintenance and service profiles in all industries. Also they can choose teaching profession in universities and colleges.



Job Profiles

Some of the job profiles are: Researcher, Professor/Associate professor, Junior Engineers, Assistant Executive Engineers Mechanical/Sales Engineers etc.

Employment opportunities

    Mechanical Engineers are sought after by.

    Infrastructure, Bridge Manufacturing and Road Construction companies.

    Automobile industries like – Tata Motors, Yamaha, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Mahindra Group, TVS, Bajaj Auto, Honda, Toyota, Ricon Engineering (A venture of AXIS Group) and many more.

    Mechanical engineers design and develop everything you think of as a machine – from supersonic fighter jets to bicycles to toasters.

    Mechanical engineering is concerned with the design, manufacture and operation of components, devices or systems such as-

    Manufacturing technologies that include use of lasersprecision machinery and nano–technology, Aeroplane Industries, Robotics, mechatronics and electronic control of machinery, Defense services (Army, Air Force, Navy and Para Military Forces).




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